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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  September 13, 2013 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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complaining about harvey openly to everyone, like "harvey's a jerk." >> christopher reid, kid, from kid n play. >> tomorrow is yom kippur. >> you ask god for forgiveness. supposed to go to all the people you've wronged and ask for forgiveness. >> must be a trying day for you. >> i'll go on the p.a. later. >> take out an ad in "variety" something like that. full-page ad in "variety." >> and now, nicole kidman, entering the carlyle hotel in new york. [screaming] where she got hit by a guy on a bike. forgot to mention that. >> there's a photog on a bike on the sidewalk where he should not be. >> and this photog was going super fast and barely slowed down, so of course, boom. >> he runs right into her and spins her around, catches her with the handle bars. >> nails her. >> why would you ride that on the sidewalk when there's buildings everywhere in new york city? >> he's trying to get to her before she gets inside the hotel.
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>> well, he got her. [screaming] >> [beep]. >> she got plowed. >> plowed, nailed and according to our website, creamed. >> i read that headline and i thought something totally different. >> she got plowed and creamed and nailed. >> she got railed. [laughter] >> she just dropped right to her knees. >> dude, come on. >> anyway, nicole's down. emergency workers rushed to the scene. luckily, nicole was uninjured but she was very angry and huh?-- toi spent an hour trying work out what she said. i thought it was my an australian as to work it out. and i thought she said i want to get a cane and take thai choices. >> no, an hour? >> you guys can't even understand each other. >> i don't think that's what she said. >> subtitles. >> press charges. >> but she can't press charges
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because cops said it was just an accident. he got a ticket for riding on the sidewalk. nicole, anything you want to say to the man who creamed you? >> i can't wait to watch life tear you apart. >> a little dark but ok. thanks, emergency medical technicians! no rush. >> david tutera, the host of "my fair wedding." him and his partner of 10 years split up back in january. >> nasty. >> nasty and the report that they're splitting up their twins. >> what do you mean? >> ok, so david and ryan were domestic partners. and they wanted to have babies. david fertilized an egg that was implanted in the surrogate. box? >> ryan then fertilizes an egg that is implanted in the same surrogate. the egg is from the same mother. the babies are born three months ago and david gets the girl,
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ryan gets the boy and they're very close to settling and making that permanent. >> that's crazy! >> it's -- >> when they grow up, will they hold ill will towards their parents for separating them? >> that's the question. >> it's awful. >> it seems selfish. what if it's actually way better. >> how? >> they're not in the situation where they're fighting. >> they'll be raised as only children and only children are terrible people. room.pick them out of the i can always pick them out. >> robin. >> oh, yeah, sexy robin thicke at l.a.x. and he's about to solve the greatest mystery of our generation -- of robin thicke listeners. >> america's got to ask, what rhymes with hug me? >> yes, the question robin himself poses in his mega-hit "blurred lines." ♪ you want to hug me, what hug me ♪th
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>> it is a big thing. >> you're moving below the bold, syria, because "tmz" investigates what rhymes with hug me. >> the f word. >> fugly? maybe. digging. >> i wear my snuggy. >> all well reasoned theories but we need technology. >> you're talking about the fact that there's a website now, what rhymes with hug me? >> to the interweb! ♪ what rhymes with hug me >> do it again, do it again! ♪ what rhymes with hug me >> amusing. but unhelpful. so now we ask the man himself, robin thicke, what rhymes with "hug me"? >> i got to know, it's love me. >> love me! that's a little underwhelming. >> now we know.
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>> yeah. thought it was [beep] me. thanks, robin, your song is less rapey than we thought. >> george, what are you up to today? we were on the tmz tour in new york and spotted george duce. i jumped off the bus, tried to board. on he was headed to the theater. >> i'm going to the theater. >> what are you seeing? >> oh, my goodness, i hope it's good. >> i heard the craziest thing of his mouth. remember how we thought liberace was the bottom and he did the poppers all the time. george explained the other day. the reason they did poppers is because it loosens the sphincter. >> you didn't know that? >> no. >> poppers were extremely popular among the gay people for that reason. i thought this was common knowledge. >> the entire tour guide section doesn't know what you're talking about. >> no, my brother's gay. i know exactly what you're about.
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>> have a good show. >> dina lohan, arrested for driving. her blood alcohol level twice the legal limit. so many questions. who's the captain and tennille? "tmz" breaks a story before your very eyes. and -- >> what? what happened? >> dina lohan arrested for d.u.i. >> her mugshot is unreal. >> this is serious, people! >> oh, god, i don't want to see this. >> i like it. >> breaking news here, lindsay's mom, history of substance abuse in the family, busted for d.u.i. in long island, going 77 in a 55. >> are you putting in a picture of her as >> why would i do that? >> because we have a picture of dina lohan partying like a drunken sailor a few weeks ago. see, they're like captain and tennille but drunker.
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just a few moments later, we got the post on the site. now you know how it happens. >> is this her first d.u.i.? >> so far. thanks, captain and tennille. we love these guys. chris?'s happening, >> tomorrow is yom kippur. >> you ask god for forgiveness. does that feel, do you want to hear from the people that have wronged you? wrongedeople that have me, i'm cool on that. i'm more concerned with people i think i've wronged. on yom kippur, i try to keep it hamas.ght with my baby you know what i'm saying? >> people who wronged you are supposed to ask for forgiveness? >> you ask god for forgiveness. >> you're supposed to go to all the people you've wronged and ask for forgiveness. >> harvey never heard of that part of it. that would take too long. >> i'll just go on the p.a. later. >> take an ad out in "variety" or something like that.
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full page ad in "variety" with a list of names like the vietnam wall. a list of names. .> hold up, freeze >> coming up -- >> brandon t. jackson. katt williams has a series that every funny black man wears a dress. brandon wore the dress in "big mama 3". the dress.wear >> plus -- >> selma blair is in a battle the people who make "anger management" over firing her. because they're all waiting for charlie toor charlie his lines.
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>> coming up -- >> audra notab goes through every state in alphabetical order. >> i can do it. >> by the way, this chick's a looker, too.
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>> and now, tmz employment presents, you're fired for talking smack about me so get the hell out and by the way we were about to fire you anyway so you can't sue us, starring selma blair and charlie sheen. >> the intense battle with charlie sheen and the people who make "anger management." >> selma claims her complaints
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about charlie's work ethic led to this dramatic confrontation. >> you are terminated. >> probably wasn't that dramatic. but she got the ax. >> they're all sitting there waiting for charlie in his trailer to memorize his lines and she starts ragging on him to the crew saying, what are we doing here? >> in charlie's defense, that show has very complicated jokes that take time to get it right. but look at the results. >> feel like there's an elephant in the room. could be under all those clothes. >> not every cable show is "breaking bad." anyhow, sources tell us selma was on the chopping block before her smack talk. >> what i'm told is they were going to write her out of the show. when she did that, they accelerated the phase-out. >> right. besides, charlie deserves extra time to learn his lines, he's a busy guy with the skeezer banging and the loch ness hunting and that crack ain't going to smoke itself but regardless of why selma was actually fired, we've learned an
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important lesson from all this. >> don't talk crap on the star of the show whether they're unprofessional and terrible or not. >> unless behind their back. >> he's got a bright future in this horrible business. have fun with that lobster, thelma! >> we got model audra notob at bella. recently the "guinness book of world records" was released and they have an entry for everything these days but they need to add a category for the person to say all 50 states in alphabetical order the fastest. this girl would win. >> alabama, alaska, arizona, arkansas, california, colorado, connecticut, delaware, florida, georgia, hawaii, idaho, illinois, indiana, iowa, kansas, kentucky, louisiana, maine, maryland, massachusetts, michigan, minnesota, virginia, washington, west virginia, wisconsin, wyoming. >> pretty impressive, actually. >> it is really, really impressive. >> i can do it. >> no. >> alabama, alaska, arizona, arkansas, california, colorado, connecticut, delaware, florida, georgia, hawaii, idaho, illinois, indiana, iowa, kansas,
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kentucky, louisiana, maine, maryland, massachusetts, michigan, minnesota, mississippi, missouri, montana, nebraska, nevada, new hampshire, new jersey, new york, north carolina, north dakota, ohio, oklahoma, oregon, pennsylvania, rhode island, south carolina, south dakota, tennessee, texas, utah, vermont, virginia, washington, west virginia, wisconsin, wyoming. [applause] i missed new mexico. i missed new mexico. >> where the hell -- >> by the way, this chick's a looker, too. >> [beep] you! >> that's not what i meant. >> thank you so much, audra. >> hey, look. it's brandon t. jackson. you remember him from "tropic thunder" and "tooth fairy" and "big mama's house 3." hilarious. plus he does stand-up. >> do you get mad when people heckle? or do people ever heckle them? >> if they do, i shut them up in detroit, a bankrupt city. tell me when you want some, you
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know what i'm saying? williams i said [beep] >> oh, my god. brandon just called out katt williams. why is he calling out katt williams? >> brandon t. jackson recently did "big mama's house 3" with martin lawrence. >> we're familiar -- hilarious. >> katt williams has a theory that he goes around telling everybody, that every single funny black man they make you wear a dress. >> but katt doesn't think it's funny. he thinks it's emasculating and demeaning to black people and brandon's taking it personally because, well, you know. right. >> don't give me that stuff about i wore a dress. you wore a -- >> true. williams.s katt >> i love him but he's calling
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me out. and the n-word -- >> ok, we'll get right on that. but we got to ask, does katt have a point? >> i'm saying that right now, i will never wear a dress for fame. >> well, that makes one of us. right, boss? pretty! thanks, brandon and katt and gloria. you are not a pretty woman. >> what up, g? how are you, man? >> we have actor michael b. jordan. he was in "liar" and he is going to play apollo creed's grandson in the next installment of the rocky franchise. >> apollo creed's grandson, you look forward to it? >> of course. >> yeah, man. >> this guy's great and he's so cute. station story. >> i went to go see that movie. it was during the day, i was by myself. i was the only white person in the movie theater. when the guy got shot in the
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movie, there was like five black ladies sitting next to me and they went "oh, hell no." i was like, it wasn't me. >> hey, man. >> coming up, kevin durant out in barcelona. he stopped by hookah lounge, puffing away and gets on a segway. >> that's driving under the influence. >> no, it's not. hookah, it's tobacco. obacco.
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>> next "tmz," britney spears big las vegas announcement, bigger than
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>> 46 days until the nba season tips off. o.k.c. superstar kevin durant is working hard at relaxing. offseason hijinks! >> kevin durant out in barcelona. he stopped by hookah lounge. he is puffing away on the hookah. >> smoking like a striped tail, right, trippy caterpillar? he has emphysema now. but back to durant who was later spotted on a segway? that's weird. >> segway, part two, in barcelona. view.t that >> weeee! >> that's driving under the influence.
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>> no, it's not. >> hookah! it's tobacco. >> oh. >> we don't know that for sure but it's probably tobacco. after all, durant is a big fan at hookah lounges. >> he's been spotted at hookah shops in chicago, minnesota, hong kong and other places, too. it seems like where he goes on vacation, he finds a hookah shop up.sets >> wasn't he hanging around with bieber the other day and couldn't figure out what he was doing with bieber. >> right. durant was kicking it with the biebs in calabasas but biebs doesn't smoke hookah. biebs smokes ganja allegedly. not really allegedly. but the only thing that counts -- kevin's high on is fun, right? thanks, middle east, you keep us on our toes. >> we got jamie alexander, she's in "thor." there's rumors she's going to play wonder woman. guy thinks she
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already has. >> any chance you could reprise your wonder woman role in the new justice league movie coming out in 2015? >> i've never played wonder woman. know everybody thinks i have? >> didn't you play her on television? >> no, that wasn't me. clearly. me.asn't >> she's not a very well endowed woman. wonder woman has a giant rack. >> wonder woman, you just need it >> no, you don't. >> come on. >> linda carter, she had big boobs? >> jammers. >> geez. >> hey, man. yeah, linda carter had some fine -- >> that's what i'm saying, man. >> i changed my mind. i changed my mind. you got to have -- >> good to see you. >> coming up -- >> at what age is it too old to take a shower with your sister or brother? >> i was looking at old videos and i was way too old to be taking a shower with my little sister. my parents video'd it. >> what?
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>> we got shayna moakler. we ask her -- >> at what age is too old to take a shower with your sister or brother? >> 6? >> were you doing it at 6? >> i went home and i was visiting, looking at old videos recently, two weeks ago. and i was way too old to be taking a shower with my little sister and my parents video'd it. >> your parents video'd it? >> yeah. >> it's weird. i'm in elementary school and she's like a baby. >> oh, my god, that's weird. >> we're both in the bath, i didn't like it. although --
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>> no although, no although. >> in the video, it was kind of cool. i was watching with it my girlfriend now, we were watching this video. i didn't know -- little kid me was like, hey, future ryan, hey, future wife and my girlfriend got all ooooh about it like you just did. it was pretty cool. ) ( tires screeching ) oh, doctor, i'm crazy! [captioning sponsored by fox broadcasting company
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all right, let's see here. uh... well, i was born in indiana... so that ain't it. and, uh... hmm. i better call my lifeline. ( ringing ) yello? hey, moe! we're watching you on tv! yeah, i know, homer. so, how's that bowel obstruction doing? homer! please. heh-heh. i got a nuclear-type question here. well, it all starts when a nulecule comes out of its nest. the answer is "bonbon"! i'm going to say "bonbon." "bonbon," eh, moe? is that your... ultimate response? yuh-huh. oh... you are... correct! ( groans ) well, moe, would you like to stop where you are or try for $1 million? ( audience gasps ) well... gee, i really do love currency but, um, i think i'm going to play it safe and stick with what i got. you're the boss. yes, i am. ( cheering )


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